Why Inker coffee cups are higher in quality than other popular cup brands

Inker Coffee Cups

A lot of people ask us this simple question: “Why are Inker coffee cups higher in quality than other popular cup brands?” Is it the look? The price? Although it’s a simple question, there are a lot of complex details that explain why we recommend this product over other popular products.

Here is a comparisons table that shows how Inker coffee cups are best:  



England Product

China Product


Hard porcelain



Water Absorption Rate

< 0.01%

> 0.2%

> 0.5%

Glaze Composition

50% Kaolin

25% Feldspath
25% Quartz

40 to 50% Kaolin
30 to 40% Quartz
20 to 30% Feldspath

20 to 45% Bone Ash
20 to 45% Permatite
20 to 35% Kaolin


Very hard. Great abrasion resistance (8 Mohs)

Hard. Good abrasion resistance.

Soft. Low abrasion resistance.





Lead Release


Could release lead

Subject to more easily release lead


Inglaze. Retains their brilliance permanently.

Onglaze. Poor resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Onglaze. Poor resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Heat Resistance

Microwave and  dishwasher safe.

Enamel is prone to cracking.

Not recommended.

Made in




* Based on information available online.

Water Absorption Rate and Lead Release

Ceramic offers a higher water absorption rate than porcelain. This means that the residual porosity in ceramic products, caused by the use of bone hash and others materials, will alter the taste of the liquid that you pour in the cup.

Abrasion starting to slowly appear on made in China product

Abrasion starting to slowly appear on made in China product

Hardness and Resistance

The purity and hardness level of Inker cups score 8 of 10 (10 is diamond). This is why Inker cups feature commercial-grade quality. Inevitably, commercial use is hard on dishware, due to repetitive dishwashing. However, Inker cups are the only ones that will not crack or appear altered over the time. They will remain brilliant forever!

Made in England product saucer showing marks of repetitive dishwashing

Made in England product saucer showing marks of repetitive dishwashing

Decoration and Colours

The difference between inglaze and onglaze is quite important. With inglaze decorations, elements are applied over the top of the unfired glaze. During the firing process, they sink into and become part of the glaze. Onglaze, also known as overglaze and onglaze enamel, is used to decorate already glazed and fired surfaces. Onglaze decorations can have poor resistance to abrasion and chemical impacts.

Genuine European Quality and Design

Inker cups are leading the market with their exceptional durability and stylish European design. It’s the best product for commercial use or for consumers who want to make their home coffee ritual a perfect moment.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of Inker cups, take a look at our inventory!


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